Our Voyage So Far


I have been a One Piece fan for years, and for so long I have been trying to find some good One Piece apparel. However, as many of you may know, it’s a struggle to find high-quality, aesthetic merch. So, I decided I would do it myself.

With this, AllBlue Apparel was born - after extensive designs, samples, and waiting periods, we finally have a finished product that I believe in. The Sun God Nika Gear 5 Hoodie is finally here!

We chose a cotton-rich, heavyweight material that is breathable and very comfortable. I wanted the design to be subtle enough that you can wear it anywhere with anything yet easily recognisable to other fans.

I didn’t want to fall into the trap of just another piece of “anime” clothing. You know the ones - basic, worn out, copy and paste prints with contrasting colours that you cannot match with your normal wardrobe to save your life.

I feel I achieved that and I do hope you love this hoodie as much as I do - oh and it’s free shipping worldwide. I hate paying for that sh*t and I know you do too.

Once this pre-order is over, it’s back to work - I’m hoping for a Zoro design, and a Mihawk + Shanks design this time, probably on a crewneck and t-shirt.